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“With my 25-year career as a teacher, school principal, and curriculum designer, I’m the pro that was looking for a pro. I took an instinctive liking to Kate and when I found out she did coaching and editing, I jumped at the chance to work with someone so warm and talented on my master’s thesis. Kate’s encouragement was light; she read my anxiety and drove it well. I don’t do urgency or shame, and Kate would never dream of doing that. Writing feels dangerous when you’re making scholarly pronouncements, but Kate’s enthusiasm helped me clarify my ideas without feeling embarrassed by not being clear in the first place. She had a natural ability to grasp the logic and analyses I was up to. I felt protected from myself; when ADHD anxiety intruded, her comments helped me feel I really was a writer and believe in my professional contribution to my field.”

Ruth O. Saxton, PhD, Dean of Letters, Mills College

“Kate articulated complications with syntax and grammar that graduate students and teachers would find informative."read more

Maria G., Italian scholar, University of Heidelberg

“Kate is very professional, precise, and accurate. I highly recommend her service!" read more

Linda Lawton, MA, ET/P, Director, Center of Attention and Learning

"I jumped at the chance to work with someone so warm and talented on my master’s thesis." read more

Christine de Reyes Stephan, author of The Caterpillar Experience

"Kate helped create a gentle tone and rhythm that was lacking prior to her suggestions."read more