Listen to what you know not what you fear. (Fortune cookie.)

Listen to what you know not what you fear. (Fortune cookie.)

Feeling fearful? Overflowing with brilliant ideas? Needing structure? Pressed for time?

As a longtime teacher, I have an abiding interest not just in what people make out of words, but in how they do it. I help people meet that deadline, finish that story, write that book, or merely produce that initial word.

How? In the words of Helen Keller: “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” A customized guide, companion, consort, co-conspirator, confidante, and fellow traveler in your endeavors with words, my approaches to coaching are as diverse as each  person and each project. Memoir? Fiction? Public speaking? Spoken-word performances? Presentations? Scholarly projects?

I can help you get it done.


Bin, Senior Designer

"She does an amazing job identifying not just what to work on, but how and why." read more

Sarah, UC Berkeley, PhD Candidate

"I can’t imagine going through this process without Kate – I only wish I’d found her earlier!" read more

Diana Newby, MA Mills College & Multilingual Services Coordinator

"I continue to be endlessly impressed by your uniquely thoughtful pedagogy and exquisite way with words."read more