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“Kate is a kick-ass coach. She can bring out the best in a mustard seed. She will help you develop your true talent in putting it all out there. If there’s a point of light, she knows how to chisel away at the interference.”

STORY 1: “Love Hurts”

STORY 2: “How can I be rehabilitated?”

STORY 3: “Never Again”

Berkeleyan on The Moth Radio Hour (from Berkeley Daily Planet)

“Tony Cyprien’s personal story of his incarceration…for a gang-related conviction which carried a sentence of 26 years to life…scored a spot on public radio’s popular story-telling show “The Moth Radio Hour,” …air[ing] on public radio stations across the United States. Kate Brubeck helped him develop his material so he might coherently crush 30 years of life change into this five-minute story.”

The full Moth Radio episode that contains his story, which starts about 30 minutes (0:30:57) from the beginning, can be heard online here.

Bin, Senior Designer

"She does an amazing job identifying not just what to work on, but how and why." read more

Sarah, UC Berkeley, PhD Candidate

"I can’t imagine going through this process without Kate – I only wish I’d found her earlier!" read more

Diana Newby, MA Mills College & Multilingual Services Coordinator

"I continue to be endlessly impressed by your uniquely thoughtful pedagogy and exquisite way with words."read more