Project Description


“I feel so lucky to have found Kate. I was feeling desperate and overwhelmed with what seemed like a never-ending project. Now I can see my dissertation taking shape thanks to her careful listening and attentive reading.

She’s an expert guide on everything from process (including anxiety attacks, inner critics, and self-doubt) to content (asking the right questions to move me forward, nudging me towards clarity, and more). All this with grace, humor, honesty, and daily encouragement, making what was a scary process alone even fun!  I can’t imagine going through this process without Kate–I only wish I’d found her earlier! My advice, if you’re at all contemplating hiring a coach, don’t wait! Contact her!”

Bin, Senior Designer

"She does an amazing job identifying not just what to work on, but how and why." read more

Sarah, UC Berkeley, PhD Candidate

"I can’t imagine going through this process without Kate – I only wish I’d found her earlier!" read more

Diana Newby, MA Mills College & Multilingual Services Coordinator

"I continue to be endlessly impressed by your uniquely thoughtful pedagogy and exquisite way with words."read more