Coaching strategies are as diverse as the projects people embark on—scholarly papers, memoir, fiction, public speaking, spoken-word performances, presentations. These projects can evoke the gamut of reactions, from fear and dread to excitement and triumph. As a coach, I collaborate with clients in creating customized ways to get their work done [keep trying, try again, or try for the first time,] whether it’s to meet that deadline, finish that story, write that book, or merely produce that initial word. In short, to discover their own path.

Bin, Senior Designer

"She does an amazing job identifying not just what to work on, but how and why." read more

Sarah, UC Berkeley, PhD Candidate

"I can’t imagine going through this process without Kate – I only wish I’d found her earlier!" read more

Diana Newby, MA Mills College & Multilingual Services Coordinator

"I continue to be endlessly impressed by your uniquely thoughtful pedagogy and exquisite way with words."read more